OneGround is defined by its fusion of artisan craftsmanship and criminally clean aesthetic. Inspiration is drawn from contemporary art and youth culture combined with an emphasis of crafting comfort through employing the highest quality materials to ensure longevity.

Explore The Origin

The OneGround neo-luxury line of footwear is the culmination of an effortless contemporary aesthetic. Crafted by traditional European artisans, each pair is made in small batches of 10 to 12 pairs per day to ensure methodical attention to detail in every stitch.

Visibility Into Craftsmanship

Formed from the concepts of simplicity and the utmost attention to detail, we look to the past for our production methods, and deliver them in a product to take you into the future.

The Making Of
Statement Piece

The inaugural collection consists of iconic classics that have been reimagined with minimalist aesthetic coupled with longevity found only in hand-made footwear.

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